Vegan Catering & Events | Adelaide

We provide custom event catering for any and all event types; yoga classes, health and well being retreats, weddings, corporate events, parties etc. We thrive on being creative, so if there’s something special you’d like or a certain style of food, let us know and we’ll customise to your needs…

 Sample Street Food/Platter Menu

*Items & prices can change due to seasonality. Full menu and price list upon request

*Can create off menu dishes/items to suit customer

Butternut Squash Quesadillas, Smokey black beans, salsa fresca, jalapeno tapenade, chipotle mayo

Stuffed Mushrooms, Quinoa & basil pesto, avocado cream

Roast Jap Pumpkin Wedges, Herb & panko crumb, green chimmi churri sauce 

Pickled Jackfruit Tacos, Hickory smoked red slaw, coriander

Charred Spiced Cornbread, Mango & jalapeno tapenade, lime ailoi

Paella Inspired Arancini Balls, Charred red peppers, chipotle mayo

Kimchi Cold Rolls, oyster mushrooms, soy wasabi glaze

Sample Bowl Menu

Our Bowls & sauces/dips change regularly with the seasons & just because we like to get creative, but here’s some examples of what we do…

*Bowls available all types of events.

Prices 20pax and under: $10 Sml bowl $15 Lg bowl Add ons: Fresh Avo $1 Sauteed oyster mushrooms $2 Fried Tamari tofu $2

Prices 20-200pax are negotiable

Bobs Brekky Bowl

Miso tofu scramble, toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds, grilled mushroom, fresh avocado, fresh dill, baby spinach, curried ‘no egg’ mayo…

Classic ‘All In’ Bob Bowl

Sumac roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, red lentils, spiced pickled zucchini, shaved fennel, toasted seeds, fresh dill

+ 3 Sauces/dips (change weekly)

eg: Roasted & spiced beetroot puree, black bean hummus, red miso mayo etc.

OG ‘Nacho Bob’ Bowl

Smokey black beans, salsa fresca, pickled onion, jalapenos, tortilla crisps, coriander, fresh avocado, roast pumpkin, baby spinach…