Welcome to the bob Mission

With a little bit of love and creativity vegan food can be done right and overflow with flavours.

It was this passion to provide delicious food options for vegans and people with food intolerance that inspired self-taught cook Jessie Morris and trained chef Amy Comber to develop Bob Bowls Catering Company.

The pair had a drive to venture out on their own and cook 100% vegan, gluten-free and allergy friendly food, that is organic when possible, local, sustainable and ethical, allowing them to express themselves through flavour.

Influenced by Bob Marley’s lifestyle of love, unity and respect for all beings on the planet the business was born. Bob Bowls Catering Company started in April 2016 as a market food stall that provides hungry customers with a nutritional, well-balanced bowl that is not only satisfying but packed with taste!

Welcome to Bob Bowls

Every bowl starts with a bed of fresh, leafy greens and roasted seasonal vegetables which are locally sourced. Customers then build on their bowl from four categories of proteins, pulses, sauces and garnishes that include nuts, seeds and fresh herbs. Or you can go ‘All In’ and get a little bit of everything on your bowl.

Flavourful sauces and dips take the bowls to the next level. They are made fresh every week with new, interesting and mouth-watering flavour combinations. These bowls burst with colour and texture and tantalise the taste buds. Bowls change seasonally to allow you to literally eat the rainbow of fresh produce that is locally available.

Bob Bowls also offers catering services that provide a well-developed menu of delicious food that is made from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients, care and a bit of love that will enhance any event or functions, large or small.

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